Type SUS

The Blok steam trap type SUS has been developed as a durable
steam trap. Durable in operation and application!
The features are:
• Optimize operation
• Less and simple maintenance
• Compact design
• Available in several configurations

Type SUS

Application of the Blok steam trap type SUS

• Drain steam lines
• Tracing
• Small heat exchangers

Operation of the SUS

Blok steam trap type SUS is a bimetallic steam trap. This means that the operation of the steam is based on a reaction of temperature and pressure, see in our documentation the page ‘operation of Blok steam traps’. Properties of this bimetallic steam trap are that it can perates in a wide range of applications and is very reliable in operation.

SUS- tainable

The type SUS was developed as a sustainable steam trap giving it an extended lifetime, high energy efficiency as well as simple maintenance. The long lifetime of the steamtrap is the result of its construction and the principle of operation of the bimetallic steam trap. It closes just before the saturated steam/condensate border.
This results in no steam losses of the Blok steam trap type SUS and operates energy efficient.


The maintenance costs of the SUS are low. The internal parts are assembled in one unit that can be exchanged very quickly, you only have to remove two bolts and the unit can be exchanged. The required gaskets are integrated in this unit.


The SUS meets every company standards. We can supply type SUS according to DIN or ASME flanged, threaded or weld ends, with or without external strainer, adjustable during operation or not.
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