About Blok Gouda

Where Blok Gouda stands for.

During long time is energy saving an important a subject of conversation. Technical innovations are a main part in sustainable solutions for industrial companies. By using the intelligent technic in production processes you can save costs and help to make an better environment.

Blok Gouda is specialist in all kinds of steam traps and condensate removal from steam processes. Excellent operating steam traps results in a better production, however also in energy saving, less raw material usage and costs reducing in the process. Blok Gouda develops, produces steam traps and advises clients like refineries, chemical industry, pharmaceutical industry and food industry about steam/condensate installations. With our top products and service we conduce to a sustainable operation of industrial production plants.

Blok Gouda focuses in the development of their products to optimal operation and lifetime of the steam traps. We developed and select sustainable materials and processes in the production of our steam traps. We take care of a circular process of our products, ‘cradle to cradle’. Corporate social responsibility in practical way.
To realise a perfect production process is a good cooperation between our customers and our employees very important. In this cooperation we come to a solution for the requests in production processes. Blok Gouda expires our customers as partners and together we go for the best results. This is more than supplier of products this means also supporting by advises. Steam/condensate installation in which our products will be suitable, are of crucial importance for our customers. The industrial processes are depending for a good operation also of our products in steam process. Like in refineries, chemical industry, food industry or power plants, without steam no production. In those production processes is safety, health and sustainability very important. Blok Gouda is well known with those items.

Blok Gouda has a lot of experience, knowledge and specialises in steam/condensate processes to serve our customers. Our history started in 1946 and because of continuous development we are also innovated specialists, who are listening to and thinking with our customers. Blok Gouda combines this experience with innovation in an optimal operation of the process installations.