Introduction of Blok Gouda B.V.

Blok Gouda was established in 1946 by the brothers Blok in Gouda(Holland). The original name that time was Gebroeders Blok( in English Blok brothers) nowadays Blok Gouda B.V. is still located in Gouda(Holland).
Almost from the beginning the company is active in developing, producing and selling bimetallic steam traps. “Rijnstreek” steam traps is the brand name in Holland and “Blok” steam traps out of Holland.

Bimetallic steam traps covered 95 % of the application of steam traps like for drip steam lines, tracing and small heat exchangers. We developed a range of steam traps in close co-operation with involved engineers of our costumers. This results in a program with different models of steam traps and also detailed technical attention points, like valve seat construction en special bimetallic discs.

The range of Blok bimetallic steam traps is very complete in sizes ¼” – 4” and pressure class 150Lbs – 1500Lbs or PN16- PN 160. Body materials brass, stainless steel, carbon steel or chrome steel.
You can make your choice in types with or without sight glass, with or without adjusting device for control the let down condensate temperature and with or with strainer y-type or integral. The valve in the bimetallic steam trap is also check- and air vent valve.

The last type developed by Blok Gouda was type SUS. This is the new SUSstainable steam trap in operation but also durable and energy conscious like all the Blok bimetallic steam traps.
The Blok bimetallic steam traps are applied in all kinds of industry like food, chemical, pharmaceutical, refineries etc.

As Blok Gouda B.V. have been involved in the design, manufacturing and testing as well as sales of steam traps over many years, we think that with these expertise we are able to give you the best possible professional advice and support.

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